[h4]Responsive Grid 6 Columns[/h4]
[show-logos orderby=’rand’ category=’0′ activeurl=’inactive’ style=’normal’ interface=’grid6′ tooltip=’false’ limit=’6′ ]


[h4]Horizontal Carousel – Responsive[/h4]
[show-logos orderby=’rand’ category=’0′ activeurl=’inactive’ style=’normal’ interface=’hcarousel’ tooltip=’false’ limit=’0′ carousel=’false,4000,false,false,500,10,true,false,true,1,8,1′ img=’185×123′]


[h4]Garyscale Style 7 Columns[/h4]
[show-logos orderby=’rand’ category=’0′ activeurl=’inactive’ style=’hgrayscale’ interface=’grid7′ tooltip=’false’ limit=’7′ ]


[h4]Box Highlight 6 Columns[/h4]
[show-logos orderby=’rand’ category=’0′ activeurl=’inactive’ style=’boxhighlight’ interface=’grid6′ tooltip=’false’ limit=’6′ ]


[h4]Tooltip, Box Highlight 5 Columns[/h4]
[show-logos orderby=’rand’ category=’0′ activeurl=’inactive’ style=’boxhighlight’ interface=’grid5′ tooltip=’true’ limit=’5′ ]


[h4]Urls, Tooltip 4 Columns[/h4]
[show-logos orderby=’rand’ category=’0′ activeurl=’same’ style=’normal’ interface=’grid4′ tooltip=’true’ limit=’4′ ]


[h4]Widget Ready![/h4]

To include a grid or carousel inside a widget are is as simple as including any other widget! The plugin comes ready with a widget so you can easily display the logos you need, just be filling out the widget form!

[vc_single_image image=”295″ img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”full”]

[h4]Shortcode and PHP Function Generator![/h4]

It couldn’t be more easy to generate the necessary code to display the logos. Just go to the Shortcode generator, choose the settings you want and the shortcode and the php function that you can use will be generated and ready to copy and paste where you want! Shortcodes are to be used in posts and pages, while the php function will be necessary if you want to hard code the logo showcase in your theme files.

[vc_single_image image=”299″ img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”full”]

[h4]Default Image size and Carousel Settings[/h4]

You can change the default size of your logo images on the settings. This way, when you upload new images they will be resized to the specified dimensions.

You also have a set of options to control the carousel, like the transition speed, number of slides to move, number of slides to show, if you want to display the controls or not, etc.

[vc_single_image image=”302″ img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”full”]

[h4]Custom Feature Name![/h4]

You don’t like this feature to be called ‘Logos’? Go in the plugin settings and change it to whatever you want!

[vc_single_image image=”301″ img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”full”]

Credits: [hyperlink target=’_self’ href=’http://cmoreira.net/logos-showcase/about/’]http://cmoreira.net/logos-showcase/about/[/hyperlink]