RELICS Mini is a One Off Painted Original Mini By Copyright with Stained Glass windows, wings, a custom gearstick, painted roof and many more surprises. 
Bristol-based street artist Copyright has been painting in galleries and on the streets since 2003, but it was only when offered Relics, a solo exhibition at The Contemporary Gallery in Altrincham, that he saw the opportunity to realise his long term dream of painting a car. Inspired and enabled by the huge space available, he knew his car had to be iconic, a ‘relic’ – It had to be a Mini. 
For the artist, the car is representative of an entire time period, and he is fascinated by the way it’s fans treasure the original designs, preserving it’s iconic status and significance. He “wanted to create a literal icon from the Mini, elevating it to some kind of revered artefact dug up in one hundred years, a glossy shine to a forgotten past.”
Copyright’s artworks are characterised by the narratives and stories he weaves around the people within them, using symbolism and tattoos like modern day hieroglyphics. Therefore it was important to him that the Mini “had a history. Finding one that had been written off with visible bodywork damage was a perfect moment – It meant that the mini could tell a story, and be transformed into a sculptural artwork.” It’s stained glass windows allude to the ritualistic nature of Mini-worship amongst it’s fans, whilst it’s wings make it appear more mythical creature than car. This particular Mini is a fallen hero, a shrine to our reverence for certain objects – a true Relic.

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Introducing ‘RELICS’, the brand new solo show from Bristol-based contemporary street artist Copyright.
The exhibition of new works includes sculpture, canvases and works on paper which explore the artists’s interest in blurring the lines between history, mythology and modern life. Using his characteristic ‘modern hieroglyphics’ to allude to hidden narrative within his images, the tattoos and urban symbology blend seamlessly into classical compositions to further bridge the gap across time and genre. 
Having called on Renaissance paintings for inspiration in much of his street art, Copyright aims for even more ambiguity with his most recent show. Here we are presented with modern depictions of old legends, mythological creatures and strangely timeless female forms, alongside familiar contemporary objects appearing as artefacts from some fantastical parallel history. Adorned in his tell-tale lavish colours and lashings of gold leaf, these Relics celebrate the artist’s past present and future simultaneously. 

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