Game Ball – Jimi Crayon


Game Ball 01, collaboration with Jimi & Dan Mountford. 2016
A modern masterpiece. Or maybe just a modern basketball decorated with old masterpieces?

Either way, I enjoy mixing old and new objects and imagery together to create something that feels both futuristic and archaic at the same time. Life is flux.

Giclee print on Somerset Velvet 330gsm 100% cotton rag paper with a screen printed varnish. Produced in the Harwood King studio and signed and numbered by the artists.

Sheet size – 80 x 80cm
A very limited edition of 20

This piece comes framed in a chunky black box frame and measures approx 90cm x 90cm.

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“I am a product of my environment.

Raised by television, billboards, magazines and the internet. Constantly reminded that happiness isnʼt here and now, it’s out there, just around the corner. It’s in a better job, a newer car, a bigger house and a better you. It’s in everything youʼre about to become and in nothing you are right now. It’s in that perpetually evolving fantasy in your head that’s always just out of reach.

So, make your life one big means to an end that never comes, sacrifice your soul to satisfy your ego, keep chasing your dreams and never be content, because you are not enough… yet.”

Jimi started his career spray-painting murals and canvases at the ukʼs first graffiti art gallery, Rarekind in 2001. He then signed to two of the biggest illustration agencies in the world, CIA in London, and Ba-Reps in NYC, enabling him to work with global brands like Apple, Microsoft, Nike and Adidas. He is also one of the founding members of the worlds premier art battle concept, secret walls. In 2015 Jimi became a senior designer at the award-winning design studio, ilovedust.

Jimi set up gang studio in 2017 in an effort to use his experience, creativity, and love of design to effect positive social and environmental change.

“Gang Studio collaborate with forward-thinking brands and nonprofit organisations on progressive creative projects that work in harmony with planet Earth and its inhabitants.”

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