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A new art gallery in Chester is offering a modern twist.

Art collector Jonathan Shingfield has opened the doors on The Contemporary on Lower Watergate Street. It contains three floors with more than 100 bold, striking pictures, with free admission to see the gallery.

A unique feature within the gallery is that all the pieces are not only available to buy, they can also be rented out to homes and businesses from about £10 per month.




A sign on Lower Watergate Street that encourages members of the public not to look at the art gallery that has opened opposite Jonathan said: “I have been renting art out for a year and a half, so this is a natural progression. I exhibited at the Chester art fair and had a good response.

“The interest in art has been growing so I hope Chester is ready for this new venture. I think the more art there is in Chester the better.”

“It also makes great sense for people to rent out art before buying. They do it with cars and housing, so why not with art? “It can be a big leap to spend hundreds of pounds on a piece of art, so this helps them. “A lot of traditional art doesn’t necessarily fit people’s styles any more – you can’t afford a Rembrant and it probably wouldn’t be suited to these modern apartments and houses anyway.

Here there is a lot of art which is classical but with a contemporary twist. “All of the artists here I have a great interest in. Some I purchased as an investment and some I think are simply great works.”

Jonathan added: “We are going to be having a Christmas show and then a show every month after that to introduce people to more artists.”





From the Chronicle, Cheshire